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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Otra vez afrontando a los implacables exterminadores que no se detendran ante nada hasta conseguir que John Connor, el futuro líder de la resistencia, y sea eliminado, Sarah Connor deja de correr y comienza a defenderse contra el destino y las máquinas que estan fuera por su hijo en la nueva serie altamente esperada, TERMINADOR: Las Cronicas de Sarah Connor. Premier, Enero de 2008 en Fox.

  Capitulo 01.- Pilot
Extreno en Tv : 13 de Enero, 2008
This episode showed John and Sarah alive and trying to track down Sky-Net's creator in the year 2007. In the movies, Sarah Connor's predicted date of the apocalypse was August 29th, 1997. Apparently, after killing Dyson, and destroying the evidence from the original terminator sent to kill her in the eighties, she effectively postponed doomsday by more than ten years.
Just after Cromartie wakes up, we see brief footage of an 'Optimus Prime' style truck, which seems to serve no story related purpose. A Transformers catchphrase is 'more than meets the eye' which applies to this series as well.


  Capitulo 02.- Gnothi Seauton
Extreno en Tv : 14 de Enero, 2008
Sarah makes contact with an old friend Enrique to ask him to create false I.D.'s for her, John and Cameron. He says that he's retired and redirects her to his nephew. During this time, John sneaks out of the house and goes to the local mall. Here, he discovers information about Sarah's ex and decides to pay a visit. Cameron makes a new friend at Enrique's nephew's house. Sometime later, they infiltrate a resistance safe house in order to pay for the false I.D.s. and discover they are not alone. Meanwhile, Agent Ellison realizes that Sarah is still alive and a dangerous person from Sarah's past is reawakened.

  Capitulo 03.- The Turk
Extreno en Tv : 21 de Enero, 2008
Sarah va a visitar a la viudad de Miles Dyson buscando a los creadores de Skynet. Su búsqueda la lleva hasta Andy Goode, un vendedor de telefonos celulares, quien tambien es el inventor del ajedrez onliune conocido como "The Turk". Sarah tiene que tomar una dificil decisión con con respecto a su amistad con Goode. Mientras tanto, John y Cameron hacen lo mejor que pueden para acomodarse en su primer dia en la nueva escula. John se siente afligido con su rol de héroe. El Agente James Ellison se encuentra cada vez más cerca de la verdad.

  Capitulo 04.- Heavy Metal
Extreno en Tv : 04 de Febrero, 2008
John becomes separated from his mother and Cameron while the trio search for stolen cargo.
Amid the chaos, he discovers the future may be bleaker than he imagined.
Meanwhile, Agent Ellison’s murder investigation turns up a new lead.


  Capitulo 05.- Queen´s Gambit
Extreno en Tv : 11 de Febrero, 2008
When Sarah’s friend Andy submits his computer into a chess competition, she revaluates his computer’s capabilities and worries where it could all lead. During the chess match, Sarah comes face-to-face with a stranger whose history is closely tied to hers. Meanwhile at school, Cameron gets called into grief counseling and John makes a new friend in shop class. Agent Ellison discovers remnants from a terminator battle.

  Capitulo 06.- Dungeons & Dragons
Extreno en Tv : 18 de Febrero, 2008


  Capitulo 07.- The Demon Hand
Extreno en Tv : 25 de Febrero, 2008


  Capitulo 08.- Vick'´s Chip (1)
Extreno en Tv : 03 de Marzo, 2008


  Capitulo 09.- What He Beheld (2)
Extreno en Tv : 03 de Marzo, 2008